For us at Cuinneog it’s about creating a
natural flavour in all of our products.

Cuinneog Limited was established by Tom and Sheila Butler
and their Family on the Butler family farm in the West of Ireland in 1990.


“Cuinneog” is the Irish word “Churn”. The Butlers produce their Irish Farmhouse Country Butter and Natural Buttermilk using churning techniques passed from one generation to another that date back over 2,000 years and certainly before Facebook and Twitter! Cuinneog has received many awards for its products over the past few years including the “Eirgrid Euro-toques” food award for excellence in quality and traditional production methods in 2010 and more recently won 3 gold stars and listed in the Top 50 Foods at the Great Taste Awards 2015.

In addition both Cuinneog’s Irish Farmhouse Country Butter and Natural Buttermilk were featured on the menu for the State Banquet in honour of the Queen Elizabeth in Dublin Castle on the occasion of the visit of Queen to Ireland.

The products are handmade and superior in taste than mass produced products. For Cuinneog it’s about creating a natural flavour by combining the best of traditional dairy production methods with current food innovations to achieve that uniquely fuller flavour that is the Cuinneog flavour. The company has carved out its niche in the Irish Marker place with listings in all three major multiples (Supervalu, Dunnes Stores & Tesco). In addition the products are available in a limited number of artisan and speciality stores throughout the country.

The Butlers are proud to return to produce Cuinneog products using Ireland’s long tradition in the art of butter making that provides the original flavour of the Celts, a flavour that has been with us since before there were creameries and one that can take centre stage on the kitchen table again.

A very special thanks to all of our existing customers and if you have not yet experienced our taste then…Add a little Cuinneog…for the flavour!

Award Winning Products

Cuinneog is proud to have been honoured with many awards over the years for the high quality and taste standards of our products, including the only buttermilk to recieve a Great Taste Award.

Irish Farmhouse Country Butter:


Natural Buttermilk: